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Withings Activite Steel

If you are looking for a watch that can track your activities and provide feedback about your sleep patterns, instead of looking at the fancy smart watches on the market, you should learn more about the Withings Activite Steel watch.

This sleek, stylish watch provides accurate activity and sleep tracking capabilities.

Technical Details and Specifications

When looking at a product, you should explore the technical details and specifications. The Withings Activite Steel Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch features a beautiful, minimalist design that is suitable for men or women. In addition to a great design, this watch offers useful functions.

The Withings Activite Steel Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch can be used for activity tracking. You can track your steps, swimming, distance, running, and calories burned. With just a glance at your watch, you can check your statistics.
The watch is also water resistant. You can wear it in the shower or while swimming. The Withings Activite Steel Watch is rated as water-resistant up to 5 ATM – which is 50 meters. It will automatically detect when you are swimming and begin tracking and analyzing your water workout.
It also includes sleep monitoring. The Withings Activite Steel watch automatically detects your sleep patterns. It monitors light and deep sleep cycles, sleep interruptions, and the total duration of your sleep. You can also set a silent alarm with the Health Mate app for a gentle wake-up alarm.
The Withings Activite Steel Watch is lightweight and comfortable. It weighs just 6.6-ounces. After a day or two of wearing this watch, you will forget that you are even wearing it.

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Pros of the Withings Activite Steel Watch

The Withings Activite Steel watch is a great option if you are looking for a fitness tracker. Here is a closer look at some of the main advantages of using this watch for your fitness tracking needs:

  • You Can Wear It Anywhere

You can wear the Withings Activite Steel watch absolutely anywhere. You can wear in the shower or swimming. You can wear it a business meeting or a wedding. It is stylish enough that you can take it everywhere that you go.

  • No Charging Is Needed

Another great feature of this watch is that you do not need to charge it. There are no cables or docking required. It features a standard button cell watch battery. This should provide up to 8 months of use before you need to replace the affordable little battery. You never have to worry about charging your watch or plugging it into a charger.

  • Sync Your Data with Your Phone

So, how do you access the data from the watch? You sync it to your phone using the free Health Mate app. This app provides expert coaching tips and other insights using the data from your activity and sleep tracking. The watch automatically syncs via Bluetooth low energy technology. This minimizes the drain on the battery and ensures your data is constantly updated whenever you have your phone nearby.

Cons of the Withings Activite Steel Watch

This is a great watch some advanced features that you would normally only find in a smart watch. Despite these great features, there are a couple of disadvantages to point out. This includes the following:

  • The Sleek Watch is Prone to Scratching

The smooth surface of the watch is prone to scratching. Luckily, there is a solution to prevent scratching the watch face. If you want to protect the display from scratches, you should purchase glass cover protection.

  • Not the Most Accurate Step Tracking Watch

Another disadvantage is that this is not the most accurate step tracking watch. Obviously, a watch that uses movement to track steps will not provide a completely accurate indication of your steps, but some users have mentioned that the Withings Activite Steel watch misses about 20% of the steps that you take. If you are just looking for a general indication of your activity, then this will not be a major issue.

Final Thoughts on the Withings Activite Steel Watch

Should you buy the Withings Activite Steel Watch? This is your decision, but it does have some great features. Among the top features of the watch are its sleek and stylish design. This far surpasses the style provided by other activity-tracking watches.

It also provides a variety of activity and sleep tracking features, without requiring you to press any buttons. Though, it does not quite possess the same capabilities as other activity-tracking watches.

If you are serious about your activity tracking, you may want to look at the Garmin Fenix 3 HR watch. It provides additional features and more accurate tracking. But, if the style is your main concern, then this is the watch for you.

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