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Wearable technology is all the rage and fitness trackers are one of the top selling forms of wearable technology on the market. While there are several brands of fitness trackers available, currently Fitbit has a control of the market.

Chances are if you know someone who uses a fitness tracker they are using one of the several Fitbit options such as the Charge or the more stylish Alta.
One of the reasons that the Fitbit is so popular is not because the company offers the best hardware available.

In fact, some of the other fitness trackers are more stylish than any of the options provided by Fitbit. The real reason that many people choose the Fitbit is because it is compatible with almost every type of device including Apple, Android, and even Amazon.

If you own a Kindle Fire or Amazon’s new Alexa, it is possible to sync your Fitbit data to these devices.

Sync Fitbit with Amazon Kindle Fire

There is a free Fitbit app available that allows you to sync fitbit  with kindle fire  device.

The first step is to go to the Amazon store and find the Fitbit app. Once you have the app you will want to make sure that you choose the right version that is compatible with the Kindle device.
The Fitbit app for Amazon offers a health and fitness tracker that will allow you to put in your weight, what you eat, how many calories that you burn, and your water intake.

The app will allow you to sync your information using any of the Fitbit devices such as the Alta or Charge. It is important to note that not all applications of the Fitbit are compatible with the Kindle fire. Syncing of information between your Fitbit and your kindle fire will not occur automatically.

A special dongle will need to be used and the information will then be uploaded.

Sync Fitbit with Amazon Echo – Alexa

If you own the new Amazon Echo you no longer have to pull up the Fitbit app or look at your Fitbit in order to know how many steps you have taken or how much sleep you have gotten. If you take the time to upload your data from your Fitbit, you now can simply ask Alexa these questions.

To sync  Fitbit to your Amazon Echo is quite easy.

  • First, open the Alexa app and click on the menu icon that is located in the upper left hand corner.
  • From this menu select skills.
  • Under the Fitbit section you will need to select the enable tab.
  • Use the Alexa app to log into your Fitbit account.
  • Next, click allow.
  • This will permit Alexa to access all of the data from your Fitbit.

If you do not want to share all of your Fitbit data, simply unselect the items that you want kept private.

That is all you have to do and you are ready to ask Alexa anything about your Fitbit data that you want. When talking to Alexa about your Fitbit you will need to phrase your questions with Alexa, ask Fitbit.

For example, if you want to know how many steps you need to reach your goal for the day you will need to say, “Alexa, ask Fitbit how many steps until my goal?”

You can ask Alexa to ask Fitbit about your sleep, how far you have walked, how many minutes you have been active, how much water you have had, how many calories you have eaten, as well as anything else that is tracked by your Fitbit.

Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Alta and the Fitbit Charge are two great fitness trackers that can be synced to your Amazon devices quite easily. Syncing your Fitbit to your Amazon device provides you with an alternative way to keep track of your steps, heart rate, calories, water intake, sleep, and other data.

The Fitbit Charge offers a great device that keeps track of your heart rate, sleep habits, steps, as well as other data. The Alta offers the same features as the charge, except it does not have a heart rate monitor. The Alta is the newer model of Fitbit and is a bit more stylish than some of the other models available.

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