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Nixon Sentry Gunmetal Black

Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry Gunmetal Black is a wristwatch that can strike you with its simplicity and charm. Being one of Nixon’s most popular watches, the A105 Sentry is simply exceptionally designed. This fashion watch inspires value, respect and authority – just like the brand behind it.

Nixon, the manufacturer of Men’s A105 Sentry, is a world-renowned watch company based in Southern California. Their experts have travelled all across the world in order to discover the latest trends & innovations, and to find out what people actually want. Thus, all of their products are specially created to cater to the needs of the end customer and to exceed expectations.

This is the reason Nixon is able to sell hundreds of thousands of wrist watches a year.

Nixon Sentry A105 represents everything that Nixon stands for: innovation, elegance and fashion. They offer a wide range of models and designs, including gold/black, black woven, black/saddle, dark copper/saddle woven, midnight eyes, silver-tone/brown and gunmetal/black. However, the most fashionable of them all is the gunmetal/black version.

Nixon Men's A105 Sentry

Design And Feel Of Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry

The Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry gunmetal/black is a gorgeous wristwatch that features Miyota Japanese quartz. The 3 quartz hands move in perfection, allowing for a loss of just seconds a month. The dial features a day and date section that could come quite handy in various circumstances. The dial also includes applied indices, custom molded hands, printed second track and luminous fill.

The feel of this watch is of durability and perfection. The case diameter of 42 mm makes this watch perfect for any type of wrist. As for how it feels on the wrist, we believe that the all-leather custom-strap could positively surprise you.

The dial of fersa luxurious feel, while the case bezel is very durable and looks excellent from any angle. The leather strap is plush and soft, offering decorative stitching for an improved quality and feel. Compare the quality and feel of this watch with the Fossil Men’s JR1401 stainless steel watch’s bulky frame and unappealing design and you will know which watch is the better choice.

Performance Of Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry

The Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry is a stainless steel smartwatch with leather strap and Japanese quartz movement is extremely precise. Expect an accuracy of /- 20 seconds per month from this watch, which is pretty much above the average of wrist watches available on the market.

The battery life holds up to 3 years, which is also quite impressive. The day of the week and day of month is also extremely accurate and will never fail you.

Just imagine how much time you can save by not having to look at your phone every time you forget the day of the week and the day of the month.
However, in terms of quality tests passed, the Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry falls short in comparison to Victorinox Men’s Watch. The latter has passed over 100 quality tests, while the A105 Sentry is not that good in this area.

Pros Of Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry

When it comes to positive aspects, we have to reiterate how well-built this watch is. The crown and case are extremely solid, made from high-quality stainless steel that withstand scratches and bumps. This watch is also water resistant, being suitable for swimming or snorkeling.

You can dive as much as 100 meters below the sea level without affecting it. In case you accidentally drop it into the toilet or bathtub, you get the peace of mind that it won’t experience any damage, regardless of the amount of time it stands there.

The Japanese-quarts movement is extremely precise, giving you the peace of mind that you only have to adjust the time twice a year. To top it all, the design is flawless, enabling you to make quite a fashion statement in any setting.

Cons of Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry

 Probably the only drawback of this watch is that it hasn’t passed few quality tests.


The Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry gunmetal/black is definitely not your average wristwatch. This gorgeous unit can help you make quite a statement at work, at meetings or even at home. The high-quality leather strap can easily fit on any wrist, while the 42 mm round face is design for simplicity and ease of use.

This wrist watch comes at a great value for money, plus it’s made by an innovative, experienced company that is continually investing in watch development.

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