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When it comes to smartwatches that cost less than $100, the LEMFO LF06 Bluetooth Leather Smart Watch is one of the best options you have. Most high-end smartwatch manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung or LG, are afraid of Chinese manufacturers and not-so-expensive brands that build cheap smartwatches.

Brands like New Arrival, Ematic, CIYOYO, InDigi, New Fashion or LEMFO have taken over the market, offering competitive smartwatches at very good prices.
LEMFO LF06 Bluetooth Leather is a great smartwatch that is equipped with tons of features but does not cost a fortune.

Being compatible with both Android and iOS phones, offering a large 1.54″TFT screen, being waterproof and offering a wide variety of apps and features, this smartwatch is a premium choice for smartphone users who do not want to spend a fortune on an Apple Sport Watch.

LEMFO LF06 Design

The Lemfo LF06 is an extremely appealing smartwatch, much more beautiful than other expensive smartwatches such as Pebble Time or the round-faced Motorola Moto 360 . Its IPS full-HD display is scratch-free and offers a very good contrast.

You actually get to enjoy an 178 degree wide angle. The display is bright and easy to read, and the strap is made of natural leather and is build to last long in time.

LEMFO Lf06 Syncronization

This smartwatch can easily syncronize with all of your social media accounts and apps, including Skype, Facebook,Whatsapp, Viber, and the list goes on. You can check your messages directly on the watch and respond to what your friends have said.

LEMFO Features

In addition to synchronizing your smartwatch to your smartphone, LEMFO LF06 lets you keeps track of the number of steps you keep on a daily basis, train better using predefined interval courses, protect your phone against theft and lets you select from a wide range of interface designs and models.

This smartwatach comes with a unique feature, called “wake-up gesture”. All you need to do is to raise your hand and the device turns on. It becomes even better. You can flip it to mute incoming calls and use it to do other gestures.


– Accepts third-party notifications: very few smartphones can pride with this feature. LEMFO LF06 accepts your business email, trello changes, weather app and app updates.
– Answer your calls: this device can quickly answer both of your phone and Facetime calls, which means both video and audio.
– No bluetooth problems whatsoever: after you set up the range of your bluetooth pairing in the bluetooth app, you will no longer experience drops in bluetooth signal.
Super fast pairing.
Motion triggers.
– Great design: this watch is a unique combination of a sporty and classy look


You can’t dismiss all of your notifications at once.
The manufacturer is not a great company.

The Bottom Line

The LEMFO LF06 Bluetooth Leather smartwatch is a great product with a lot of benefits and very few drawbacks. It is a great value for the money, having a lot of features and offering support for both iOs and Android smartphones. This smartwatch can definitely go head to head with Asus Zen Watch 2 or LG Watch Urbane.

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