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Jord Wooden Wrist Watch Ebony And Rosewood

jord wooden wrist watch

JORD Wooden Watch Ebony and Rosewood from Dover Series Skeleton  is the exclusive designer watch made by JORD. JORD is known to create most elegant wood watches in the world.

Watches are a lot more than just time telling machine and they are made ageless by JORD. Company creates hand-crafted wood timepieces that are artistic, chic and at the same time looks classic when worn by you.

Water Resistant Dept of this watch is about 30 meters.

About JORD Wooden Wrist Watches – Ebony And Rosewood

JORD Wooden Watch Ebony and Rosewood has grainy patterns on the band which is again two-toned. JORD doesn’t compromise with the look and quality of the watch and also provides with an enduring finish. JORD Wooden Watch Ebony and Rosewood has got amazing battery life.

The Ebony and Rosewood used are exported from countries like East Africa and Brazil. The buckle provided has a dual locking system, and the band is adjustable too. There are metal pins in the band linked together that can be removed to adjust the band according to your size.

JORD Reliable Brand

The most famous specialty of JORD wooden wrist watches  is it’s very comfortable on your wrist, profoundly genuine to look at and a reliable brand. So you can always make a purchase without bothering about its endurance. Lasting with you for long is sure. JORD wooden wrist watches  are packed in wooden boxes and sealed with tung oil.

Hardwood is known to last long because it does not get affected by rough handling or regular wear like leather bands or cheap metal bands do. JORD takes special care in deriving natural Ebony and Rosewood, and these are manufactured without any stains, dyes or harsh chemicals.

What JORD package contains

Along with this Cedar Valet humidor watch box, a cleaning cloth, JORD Preserve citrus oil cleaning pen is included in the sales package. Moreover, instruction booklet and supplementary information, micro fibre glass cleaning cloth, Retail JORD shipping box and one year of factory warranty come within the package. So JORD provides you with everything you require to hold an aristocratic watch.

How JORD Brand Compares To Other Watches

JORD wooden wrist watches is an American watch company just like Invicta Watch Group and hgb watches. These watch groups are also quite old and are known to produce an authentic collection of watches, but they do not specialize in making exclusive wood watches like JORD. Designs adopted by Invicta and hgb are conventional and customary. 

JORD wooden wrist watches are made in such a way that they suit the modern lifestyle of people; the designs aren’t outdated in spite of its aristocratic wooden finish. JORD wooden wrist watches  are made for people who have an underlying desire to reach their goal. These watches are not only time telling machines, but there is a lot more to it.

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