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 Huawei Watch Rose Gold

Named by many “The Almost Perfect Smartwatch, the Huawei Watch Rose Gold is definitely one of the most advanced smartwatches ever made, and by far the most glamorous one.

Despite the common conception that Huawei makes low-quality products, such as smartphones and chargers, they have surprised everybody designing an expensive and high-quality gold-plated smartwatch.

Featuring a large 1.4” AMOLED display that is made of a scratch resistant sapphire, a beautiful stainless steel body, an accurate fitness tracking device, several sensors and plenty of apps for both iOS and Android Smartphones, the Rose Gold smartwatch from Huawei competes with the big players on the market, such as Apple’s Watch Sport or Asus Zen Watch 2

Huawei Watch Rose Gold Design

This gorgeous smartwatch manufactured by the masterminds from China’s Huawei was released on September 17, 2015.
This luxury watch features a powerful processor a whole lot of features that make it stand head and shoulders above other models on the market. Read on to discover why the Huawei Watch Rose Gold is truly the almost perfect smartwatch that could ever be designed.

The Huawei Watch Rose Gold is just 1 mm thinner than Motorola Moto 360 . The 1.4” screen is round, providing that classic round touch. Its sleek 400×400 resolution is much more than most of us would dream of getting from a smartwatch.

The full circle screen is protected by a sapphire glass. This glass is scratch resistant and protects your device against significant pressure, scratches and falls. This is the first smartphone ever to be protected by a sapphire glass screen.

The cold-forged stainless steel finish brings another tone of luxury to this beautiful gadget, making it outshine its competition and bring something new to the table.

This smartwatch from Huawei is made from luxury materials, including alligator pressed leather, 22 karat gold and diamond-like carbon paint. Crafted as a premium watch for the rich, this beautiful style-gadget can infuse uniqueness and personality to the wearer like no other watch available today.

Huawei Watch Rose Gold Features

The beauty of the Huawei Watch Rose Gold is probably only surpassed by the sheer amount of features and apps it has. For starters, this watch gives you full customization.
Thanks to its pre-installed faces coupled with several cases and 18 millimeter bands, you can change the aspect of your gadget every single time you are in the mood.

Featuring both Android and iOS compatibility, this device is fully loaded with over 400 apps. Even though this is a classy and elegant smartwatch, it can go hand in hand with Apple’s smartwatch due to its unique health & fitness features.

Its exercise pattern recognition coupled with its technologically-advanced heart-rate monitor let you stay in control of your health.

Huawei Watch Rose Gold Pros

  • Stylish look, fashionable and extremely classy
  • High-resolution screen
  • Wide variety of personalization options
  • Work perfectly with both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Excellent feel

Huawei Watch Rose Gold Cons

  • Average battery life
  • Extremely pricey

The Bottom Line

The Huawei Watch Rose Gold is definitely the most beautiful, classy and feature-rich smartwatch of the moment, and will definitely continue to impress in 2017.

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