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Garmin vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive is a great fitness watch, one of the best smart watches for fitness enthusiasts and gym goers. Made by one of the top companies in the Health & Fitness industry, this smartwatch can easily compete and even outsmart all fitness watches available on the market.

However, when it comes to Garmin Vivoactive vs Apple Watch Sport , the fight is pretty close, and Apple might have an slight edge.
Thanks to its excellent battery life and cool features, the Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch is a fairly good option for most people.

Garmin Vivoactive Design

This smartwatch has nothing to boast it when it comes to the design. The face is square and flat, lacking all the flair of most other watches out there. Even though this smartwatch is not going to turn heads, its slim design makes it the perfect choice for any fitness enthusiast.

Garmin Vivoactive Apps & Features

What makes the Garmin Vivoactive stand out of the crowd is its superior battery life, GPS integration and built-in sport apps. Thanks to its powerful GPS, you can track all of your activities, including swimming, running, biking or hiking, and save all the places and trails you’ve been on.
In order to stay connected to your peers, this smartwatch gently vibrates whenever you receive a new call or an important message on your smartphone. You can either clear the screen with a swipe or press it to read the message or call back the person who has called you.
The large number of apps offered by this device makes your life easier, helping you to play smarter, work harder and enjoy an increased performance when practicing your favorite sport. The wide variety of built-in apps help you to stay active and enable you to be in control of your fitness goals.
Thanks to its thin profile (only 8 mm), this smartwatch is extremely comfortable to wear, just like LG Watch Urbane . The battery easily lasts for up to 3 weeks and for up to 10 hours if you use the GPS.
Garmin Vivoactive is equipped with built-in apps for each type of sport and activity. Simply tap the screen and select the right app that complements your type of activity. You can choose from swimming, golfing, running, walking, biking or others.
Each app is uniquely customized to capture certain data that correspond to the sport or activity you practice. For instance, the running app measures your pace and distance. Thanks to the cadence and speed trackers complemented by the built-in accelerometer, you will get a summary of your activities, including calories burned and distance.
Garmin Vivoactive is able to follow through your progress, even though you are not engaged in a certain activity. There is no doubt that this is one of the best smartwatches for sports enthusiasts who are on a budget and are not willing to invest big bucks in an Apple Sports smartwatch.

Garmin Vivoactive Pros

  • Custom watch faces and apps to provide more in-depth information at a glance.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Great battery life
  • Good value for money
  • The best smartwatch for tracking your health & fitness goals

Garmin Vivoactive Cons

  • Not the greatest design
  • Only two colors available

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