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Fossil Q Founder

After the development of mobile phone, it has become a necessity of the watchmakers to redesign a watch from just a time keeper to a multitasking device.

The Fossil Q Founder is such a device from one of the finest watchmakers of the world. Designed as a device which can connect with your Smartphone and do all the regular works of a smart watch, this watch is a piece of gem from the Fossil Company.

As of today , when you think of gifting your close one with a watch, you will either go for a chronographic watch or a smart watch.

Among these two most will prefer the later one. Synchronising with your Smartphone over Bluetooth connection, you can keep track of all your important calls, messages, emails, reminders, even your workouts and music player without even touching your phone.

The Fossil Q Founder ensures all these and many more. Simply you can control your phone and all your activity just by touching the screen of this watch.

Necessary Features Of A Smart Watch

While buying a smart watch there are some important features you must keep an eye on. If a product fails to satisfy any of the features then you must move on to the next one. These features are summarized on the basis of market survey, critics’ discussion, customers’ review and technological reviews. To inform all the buyers and the prospective buyers of this characteristics you will see it here.

1. Option for auto up to date of time and date
2. Good microphone and speaker
3. Option to control the music player of phone
4. Option to sleep tracking
5. A good and customized touch screen
6. Battery life and charging option
7. Detailed Smartphone notification
8. A good activity tracking feature
9. Personal customization option
10. Additional features

All these ten characteristics are important for a smart watch like Fossil Q Founder. Before choosing one you must gather proper knowledge about all these features and compare all the available products and summarized the best option to buy. You can compare their smart watch Fossil Q Founder with any of the well known watches available in the market and you will never be dissatisfied. All the above mentioned features are discussed here.

Option For Auto Up To Date Of Time And Date

It is a very important feature for any Smartphone or smart watch. Otherwise it is very hard to update your device each and every time you use it or connect it with your phone. If a smart watch cannot update itself then it cannot be called a watch at all. Almost every smart watch is able to do that like Fossil Q Founder.

Good Microphone And Speaker

If you don’t have a good speaker and a microphone than how are you going to attend your phone calls and listen to your favorite music or get voice update and messages about your important meeting from your smart watch? It’s quite simple that your smart watch must come with a good and microphone and speaker. Fossil Q Founder is one like this. It comes with a build-in speaker and microphone good enough to serve all the purposes.

Fossil Q Founder Option To Control The Music Player

Fossil Q Founder is able to control any music player that is installed in your phone through spotify, Pandora, Googleplay, ITunes or Apple Music. This piece is designed to connect with any music player app of your phone (which may be an Android phone or a Windows phone or an Apple IPhone). Most of the smart watch lack in this feature.

Most watchmakers design their smart watch keeping a certain system in mind. This makes the watch less flexible to connect with any app of any system.

Fossil Q Founder Sleep Tracking Option

People are now a day becoming conscious about healthcare. So the watchmakers and mobile app developers have taken the responsibility to give everyone some useful applications to keep track of their daily routines and rest and sleep to make them aware of how much rest they need. The Fossil Q Founder has the sleep tracking application.

Customized Touch Screen

The most important feature of a smart watch is a good touch screen with a customization option. This means that you can customize the display of the watch as per your choice. A smart watch like Fossil Q Founder must have a good touch screen which is scratch-proof and which can be customized properly from a wide range of options.

Battery Life And Charging Option

Like a Smartphone, a Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch must also have a long battery life. Fossil Q Founder is one of those smart watches which have a prolonged battery life of almost 24 hours. Now it is also true that the life of battery depends on the usage of your device. The device comes with a USB cable which can be connected to any charger to charge the device.

Detailed Smartphone Notification

The most important application of a smart watch is getting notification from your phone. A device like Fossil Q Founder is very prompt in getting notifications from your phone in no matter of time. This makes work easier for anyone. Just all your important emails, meeting schedule and important call and date notifications are in your hand in no time. You don’t even have to check your phone all the time.

A Good Activity Tracking Feature

Like sleep tracker, activity tracker application is also very important to keep track of your daily workouts and diets. This has been important to maintain a good health. Fossil Q Founder is no different than other smart watch. It has activity tracking app to keep you healthy.

Personal Customization Option

The most beautiful feature of Fossil Q Founder is that you can not only customize the display and touch screen of the watch, you can even choose your favorite straps of the watch to go with your outfit. From stainless steel strap to beautiful leather strap, it goes with all of them.

Additional Features

The watch comes with a thin screen-guard to save the touch screen. Also extra straps are provided with it. These are very important to go with the style statement of the owner.

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