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Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch

The watchmaker has given a kick start to the all-black fashion all over again by launching the new Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch. A cool pair of denim and a white t-shirt is a perfect match with this piece on a casual holiday.

A gift loved by any man. You can buy this as a graduation gift or as a birthday present for your younger brother or son and they will simply adore you.

This watch is the best gift item for any man in any and every occasion. This is a piece rated very well in almost every country where Fossil has an outlet. Fossil Nate Brushed steel Watch has a big dial, for a men’s watch. Men, who love to wear a big dial, they will surely love it.

On a typical holiday, when you are going out on a holiday trip with your family and loved ones, you will definitely choose something casual yet sturdy to go with your dress up. This watch is a perfect match. You can also wear it as a part of formals in your office. Your colleagues will simply get jealous of your style sense.

A perfect big black dial with a perfect stainless steel black band is just the best thing about this Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch. This analogue watch is not a typical sports watch, but can be used as one in casual games.

Detailed features of the Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch

There are quite many important features of Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch. These prove that choosing another watch over this big one is really challenging. There are many available watches in the market within the price of this piece. For the information of buyers here the features of this piece is noted in details.

In order to make a choice of this piece over other watches, you should do a complete survey of the following features comparing with other watches available in the market:
1. Dimension of the product
2. Battery quality
3. Water resistivity
4. Display in low light
5. Casing of the watch and material of it.
6. Presence of sub dials and date window.
There are six features, you must consider while choosing a good piece of watch. Here all of these six features are describe to help you decide a good piece for you. These features are jotted down on the basis of details market survey and customer reviews of various watches.

Dimension Of The Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch

While buying a watch, especially for men, you should always keep in mind that the dial of the watch must be big enough to suit with a big wrist of a man. On the other hand a big dial of an analogue watch is best for a person to keep track of time fast without hesitation or any effort. This is not possible for a watch with small dial.

The dial of the Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch is 2.89 inches high and 3.59 inches wide. Also the total dimension of the watch is 5.9 X 5.9 X 5.9 cube inches. On The other hand the Fossil q founder is quiet a gigantic size for a watch. The industrial build of the watch makes it suitable than any other product available in the market within the same price.

The band of the watch is roughly 8 and half inches long, which makes it suitable even for a large wrist of a man.

Battery Quality

Everybody knows that a good watch must have a long battery life. Otherwise the regular battery changing or charging a piece is quite a hazard for anyone. While choosing a watch you must make sure that the piece has a long battery life. The Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch has Lithium metal battery, which ensures longer battery life.

You can use this watch for quite a long time without changing its battery. The watchmaker has ensured it.

Water Resistivity

For a watchmaker, ensuring the life of a watch under water is very important now a day. As we all like to have fun in the beach or pools in our backyards or simply the rain with our watch on. The Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch has a water resistivity up to 100 meters depth. For simple splash this watch is best in the market.

But for a serious game like swimming or snorkeling or scuba diving you need a professional sports watch, which Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch is not.

Display In Low Light

A good watch must have the provision of glowing display in low light or darkness. The numbers and edge of the hands must have rhodium coating to give it a glowing display. For the overall black color you must expect that the Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch must also have something like that. But the watchmaker has not used anything like that.

This piece has taken the casual all-black fashion to a new level. But you must keep in mind that this piece is good for a bright or sunny day not for low light or darkness. If you are comfortable with this kind of display then Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch is one of the best options for you.

Casing Of The Watch

For a watch casing of the dial is the most important part. As this is the part which stays in direct contact with the wrist of the user and safeguards the watch from rain, moisture, humidity, dusts. So a good watch must have a proper casing. The Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch has a casing of 50 mm stainless steel, which is best to serve this purpose.

Presence Of Sub Dials And Date Window

At present the buyers are preferring watches, which has multiple sub dials, that shows the detailed minute and seconds counting simultaneously. Also a date window is very common on the watches. Simply a watch that can track from every minute to every day is the best option for anyone.

The Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch has three sub dials of minute, second and hour distribution and a date window to keep track of every day. What can be best for a man than having a watch like this?

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