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fitbit ionic smartwatch

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is the newest smartwatch from the well-famed Fitbit company. Being equipped with GPS, on-board workouts, third party apps and a long-lasting battery life, this innovative product is poised to take over the smartwatch market. But will it succeed, given that the drawbacks are quite numerous ?

Fitbit is a world-class company, recognized for its share in the activity tracker market. Recently, they just decided to get into the smartwatch market. Their best weapon is the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.With this release, the company aims to change its perspective and move from the fitness band wearables into the ever-growing smartwatch niche.

Will they succeed? It remains to be seen. Let’s now focus on their latest product, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.

What Actually is Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch ?

Fitbit Ionic is a lightweight & comfortable smartwatch designed by Fitbit. This is Fitbit’s first true smartwatch, although they have tried and tested some other projects before, including Fitbit Blaze.

fitbit ionic smartwatch

fitbit ionic smartwatch

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The Ionic is a true amalgam of devices created by Fitbit, including Blaze, Surge and Charge 2. This device is an advanced smartwatch that has taken features from all other Fitbit devices and has managed to take them to a whole new level.

Despite the intense advertising, the Ionic falls short on app compatibility and utility. At launch, this new product has lacked convenience features and compelling apps found on most other smartwatches. Moreover, it has a slow OS, offers tedious music transfer, and comes with annoying passive notifications.

Of course, the Ionic also has its own share of positive aspects. This slick, gorgeous-looking wearable device is equipped with an impressive screen that can give Apple Watch a run for its money. The built-in GPS, mobile wallet and waterproof are some of the top features of the Ionic that make it stand head and shoulders over the competition.

Options & Design Of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

When it comes to design, the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is simply gorgeous. This smartwatch has a one-size-fits all aspect and comes equipped with two straps: S and L sizes.
As for colors, you can choose from gray/silver, charcoal/smoke gray and slate blue/orange. While the first two options work best for people who love elegance, the third choice of colors is excellent for all-sport fans.

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In terms to aspect, Ionic looks quite similar to the previous model, Fitbit Blaze. With its square, clean design, its aerospace – grade aluminum construction looks certainly impressive. This device is very aesthetically pleasing and is truly comfortable. You won’t even notice it when biking, hiking or even swimming. On the other hand, other smartwatches such as Asus Zenwatch 3

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch – Display

This light smartwatch is equipped with a scratch-resistant gorilla glass touchscreen that withstands a tremendous amount of wear & tear. You can literally wear it while swimming, while working out and while biking without worrying about the screen. In case you fall, your smartwatch will be just fine.
The screen is bright enough, even in high-light environments. The colors are vivid, and the images looks gorgeously crisp. However, expect to experience a certain amount of lag when switching between apps.

Specs & Sensors

This new smartwatch can do everything all previous Fitbit smartwatches have managed to perform. Moreover, it does all that better than other Fitbit devices. It counts floors climbed, tracks steps,measures heart rate and analyzes sleep patterns. While the Blaze lacked swimming tracking and built-in GPS, the Ionic comes with a dedicated swimming mode and an accurate GPS.

Thanks to the Run Detect sensor, the Fitbit Ionic will automatically detect when you take a break and will stop tracking your session. This saves battery and protects the device against tear & wear.

The heart rate sensor is quite impressive, displaying real-time information on the crisp display. Thanks to the GPS built-in sensor, you don’t have to connect your smartwatch with your phone.

If you are a big fan of music, you can even listen to your favorite tracks while exercising or swimming. The 2.5 GB available for storing music is enough for over 200 high-quality songs. Use the Bluetooth pairing if you have wireless headphones for an awesome music listening experience.

Thanks to the inclusion of NFC into the Fitbit Ionic’s system, the phone – free experience is further improved. You can now pay using the Fitbit pay service and even withdraw money. Unfortunately, the number of banks and retailers that support Fitbit is just a fraction when compared to the banks supported by Android Pay and Apply Pay. This is a huge caveat at the moment, but expect Fitbit to continue to add new payment partners. 

Top Features Of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

When it comes to features, Fitbit Ionic is areal beauty. This device allows you to do a whole lot of things. For instance, you can track your steps, sleep, activities, calories burned, distance, active minutes and floors climbed. You can also set reminders while on the go, monitor your heart rate and even identify sleep apnea in an incipient phase.
Once you enter run mode, the Ionic smartwatch tracks your distance, speed, and heart rate accurately. 

The wellness & relaxation apps are also quite useful. Fitbit Ionic offers you guided breathing sessions and personal training sessions for an improved lifestyle. However, you need to pay an additional $7.99 to access the coaching app.
Fitbit Ionic also allows you to set alarms, place reminders, check the weather, pay and enjoy a wide range of apps designed by developers.


Probably the biggest drawback about Fitbit Ionic is that it moves quite slow when you open too many apps. Many apps are flawed and will shut down unexpectedly. However, the good news is that Fitbit has opened a free platform for developers, who can create their own apps and improve on the ones already available. This means that this device will get increasingly better in time.


Fitbit Ionic is a truly useful smartwatch,perfect for sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts. Despite its obvious flaws, the developers are making big strides in the right direction. Soon enough, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch will be able to compete with the biggest names of the game, Apple smartwatch, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Huawei Watch 2.

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