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Fitbit Charge HR

In just the past few years the market for wearable tech has exploded with a number of useful devices creating an entirely new industry. The fitness tracker segment is leading this industry with the Fitbit being the established market leader.

Fitbit currently offers six models and this range is expected to grow exponentially. Each of the models including the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker offer different options. These are more than just fancy pedometers as they offer many great features to help you get your health on track.

fitbit charge hr
fitbit charge hr

Fitbit Charge HR Design

The Fitbit Charge HR has a nearly identical design as the older Fitbit charge and the force that came before it. The black band is rubberized and wraps around the wrist. It can easily be adjusted to fit any wrist size. It attaches using a standard watch buckle, which makes it quite secure and less likely to come off.
The LED display on the band is narrow and tells the time, steps taken, as well as other data. The LED display is not always lit, but you can set the Charge HR up so that it will display the time when you lift your wrist or to show the time and fitness data by tapping on the screen. Overall, the design is functional, but not all that attractive.
The charge comes with a USB dongle that is used to charge it by plugging it into the bottom of the device.


Get your Heart Rate Any Time with Fitbit Charge HR

Once you put the Fitbit Charge on your arm it will immediately flash green and start gathering heart rate information. The Fitbit works all the time gathering heart rate information and with a push of a button you can easily see what your heart rate is at any time that you are wearing the device.

In addition to keeping track of your heart rate it also has a built in barometer and accelerometer to gather data about the steps that you take, elevations such as steps that are climbed, as well as the intensity of any type of exercise such as walking or running.

From the time that the Fitbit Charge is placed on your wrist it automatically works for you.

Track your Exercise Sessions with Fitbit Charge HR

It is easy to track any exercise sessions using the charge by simply holding down a button located on the side of the device. A new software update allows the device to automatically sense and track exercise sessions, making the process even easier. A new timed event will begin and provide a heart rate recording for the event.

The average heart rate and the peak heart rate during the session will be noted. If you are an active runner or go to the gym a lot you may want to keep track of your workouts using the button method, but the smart awareness feature is a nice touch for individuals that want to make sure they get credit for all of their daily activities.

The Fitbit app offers a clean design and the heart rate data offers multiple charts to view. While it may not be clear what to do with the data provided, you will get an idea of your different intensity zones by using the color coded charts provided.

Pairing the Fitbit Charge Hr With Other Devices

Pairing the Fitbit Charge to your phone and other accounts such as Amazon is really easy. Simply turn on an extra pairing setting in the app and you will be provided with notifications as well as continuous syncing. Syncing is quick and pairing happens quite quickly.

Overall, the popularity of wearable technology is not going to go anywhere any time soon and the Fitbit Charge is currently one of the best devices available. It provides users with useful health information such as heart rate, steps taken, and can even track your sleeping habits.

All of this information can help you stay on top of your overall health and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle if you pay attention to your activity. Additionally, the Fitbit app is extremely versatile and can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows.

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