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fitbit alta

When it comes to the latest technology craze, wearable technology is all the trend. The most popular wearable technology comes in the form of fitness trackers and the most popular fitness trackers come from Fitbit.

One of the complaints that people have had about fitness trackers is that they are not very attractive to wear. The Fitbit Charge HR and the Surge are the most popular fitness trackers from the company and they are not exactly jewelry and not something that you could wear to a formal occasion such as a wedding.

Fitbit has looked to change this trend with the new Fitbit Alta fitness tracker. While the new Alta from Fitbit still looks like a fitness tracker, it comes with a variety of metal and leather looks as well as a line of quick release bands in multiple colors. The Alta is quite charming and looks more like a piece of jewelry than most other fitness trackers that are available.

Style comes with a Cost

The great thing about the Fitbit Alta is that it looks good on just about everyone. The same cannot be said of the Charge HR or even the Garmin. The Fitbit Alta offers a display that shows real time data for notifications and data. Additionally, it features a quick release mechanism which allows you to swap out bands quite easily.

There are numerous options that allow you to personalize the Fitbit Alta to suit your tastes. There is also a basic rubber strap available in several colors that can be used for everyday use. However, these bands come with a price tag.

One thing that is lost on the Fitbit Alta is that there are no buttons. The design is fairly sleek. The screen turns on when you raise your wrist or if you tap on the top of the strap. While the screen is big, it is difficult to read in bright sunlight. In addition, the screen is susceptible to scratching.

The other issue that some may have with the Alta is that there is no heart rate monitor on the device. This is a loss for people who work to maintain a target heart rate.


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New Features of Fitbit Alta

There display notifications for the Alta include text messages, calendar events, and incoming calls from both android and iPhones. There is a gentle vibration that accompanies the notifications. This vibration can also be used as a silent alarm to get you up in the morning.

Instead of providing a move or stand reminder like some of the other fitness trackers, Alta provides you with a mini step goal of 250 steps an hour. If the goal is not reached with 10 minutes left in the hour, a gentle vibration will give you a reminder.

According to Fitbit, 250 steps is about two or three minutes of walking and this can help you boost your metabolism and reduce the negative impacts caused by sitting too long.
In addition to tracking sleep and activities, the Fitbit Alta also recognizes and records certain workouts and activities as you are doing them.

Active movements for more than 15 minutes are automatically recorded, but you can manually adjust these times to best meet your needs.

Some types of activities that are detected by the tracker include biking, walking, running, elliptical, and aerobic workouts such as PIYO, Zumba, and kickboxing. Sports such as tennis, basketball, and soccer are also recognized. 

Superb Software

When it comes down to it the reason to buy any Fitbit is because of the software. If you know anyone that has a fitness tracker, chances are it is a Fitbit. The social aspects of the Fitbit software allow you to challenge your friends and others to competitions, which can help you reach your fitness goals.
In addition, the software is easy to use and can be synced with any of your current devices or accounts such as Amazon. The syncing is quick and completed with a push of a button and makes it easy to get all of your important information sent right to your wrist no matter where you are.


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