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efoshm smart watch

Even though this smartwatch from EFOSHM is tagged as being “gold luxury”, the truth is that the material is not pure gold. Obviously, it’s all about the color and the marketing. In fact, this beautiful smartwatch can be bought in three unique options: black silver, all black and golden.

You might wonder what it is actually that makes this no-name brand so good for consumers and profitable for the manufacturer.

This device works great for both Android and iOS. Powered by a good processor and a great technology, the EFOSHM smartwatch gives you a plethora of unique features and benefits that let you truly experience the uniqueness of smart watches.

EFOSHM Gold Luxury Design

This is a simple smartwatch with nothing to make it stand out. In fact, some people might not even notice that you are wearing a smartwatch, and they might confuse your new gadget with a regular wrist watch. However, do not worry, because this device looks better than other cheaper smartwatches, even though it does not look better than high end models.

EFOSHM Gold Luxury Features

There are many features attached to this smartwatch.

Here are 10 of them:

  • 1. Heart rate monitor: this unique smartwatch can monitor your heart beats in order to determine if you are healthy.
  • 2. Dialer: show missed and received calls.
  • 3. Bluetooth streaming: stream your favorite music and play it at your headphones using just your smartwatch.
  • 4. Phone book: show all of your contacts.
  • 5. Anti-lost alarm: the EFOSHM device beeps when your smartphone is out of reach.
  • 6. Sedentary reminder: the device will remind you to start exercising when you sit in one place for too long.
  • 7. Pedometer: this smartwatch is a very good friend when it comes to staying in control of your health.
  • 8. Sleep tracker: with this device you can monitor your sleep quality.
  • 9. Camera remote control: this feature is made just for Android phones. You can even use this amazing feature to take a remote self-pic.
  • 10. Speech recognition: use this feature only with smartphones that are equipped with speech recognition.

EFOSHM Gold Luxury Pros

  • – A lot of features: this device has plenty of features that work amazing for you in every circumstance. For instance, the Pedometer feature is excellent, enabling you to discover how many steps to walk and how fast to run.
  • – Appealing design: many users love the style of the EFOSHM Gold Luxury Smart Watch.
  • – Easy to connect with your Android or iOS device.

EFOSHM Gold Luxury Cons

No mail notifications.
This smartwatch is not that famous.

Now the EFOSHM smartwatch is not the shiniest and most interesting out there, but it can definitely help you accomplish what you set out to do and it can definitely meet the needs of every use seeking for a great and reliable smart watch.

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