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EasySMX Smart Watch U18

Following closely in the trend of inexpensive, yet beautifully designed and feature-rich smartwatches, the guys from EasySMX Smart Watch U18  have designed a new model of smart watch that can compete with the big guys out there and even beat them at their own game.

For instance, this smartwatch named U18 is equipped with a processor and internal memory better than what LG G or Pebble Steel have to offer.
With great reviews online and an exquisite build quality, this smartwatch is not only poised to meet the growing needs of technology enthusiasts, but is able to exceed their wildest dreams.

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EasySMX Smart Watch U18 – Technology Used

Powered by a dual-core processor, 512MB RAM and a large 4GB of memory, this smartwatch offers an increased efficiency and stability when it comes to data sorting and interactive communication between it and your smartphone.

Thanks to the advanced technology used, the EasySMX Smart Watch U18 is a highly reliable product that gives you perfect control over your needs.


This smartwatch is quite beautiful. Featuring a large IPS screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, the U18 is a beautiful wrist watch that has very few competitors in this area.


The smartwatch made by EasySMX outshines its competition when it comes to features. You can practically do a lot of things with this beautiful smartwatch. For starters, you can easily connect it to your home WiFi and use it to navigate online and search for places to eat, information or even new products to purchase.

The GPS navigator is a great tool that makes sure you will never get lost. The compass is another great addition to this smartwatch that makes your outdoor activities much more interesting. The EasySMX U18 smartwatch is also equipped with a sleep monitor, an anti-lost alarm, dialer, call log and information pushing feature.

EasySMX Smart Watch U18 Pros

Build quality: the first thing you will notice after taking this smartphone out of the box is the exquisite build quality. The screen is super sharp, the strap is high-quality plastic secured with metal buckles and the feel is that of a well-made product.
The super quality stainless steel shell combined with the silicone strap which is allergy free, moisture-wicking and environmentally friendly, make the U18 a really good dual-mode Android Bluetooth smartwatch, compared to high-end models such as Apple Sport or Garmin Vivoactive .

Water resistant: in addition to being waterproof, the EasySMX Smart Watch U18 is rainproof, sweatproof and dustproof.

Wide variety of apps that work perfectly together: thanks to its high-quality processor, this device works with numerous apps and can help you do several tasks at once. You can use it to record sounds, capture photos, reply to messages, answer calls and check your social media accounts.

Advanced Bluetooth technology: thanks to the high-speed Bluetooth connectivity, the data transfer speed is greatly increased and the connection between the device and the smartphone is taken to a whole new level.

EasySMX Smart Watch U18 Cons

Battery lasts only 18 hours: if connected to the WiFI, the battery might last less than 18 hours. However, if you use it just a few hours a day, it may take you for up to 2 days.

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