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 Smart Watches Cheap vs Expensive

We live in a world and age where most people prefer to buy a cheaper product than to invest in a more expensive one, especially if the features and benefits of both products are similar. People have always proven a keen sense of cleverness when buying products online. The same principle applies when buying smart watches.

Thanks to the launch of Apple Watch, geeks who are on a budget have realized that they don’t have to spend a fortune just to be fancy and promote Apple brand’s for free. The cheapest model from Apple, the Watch Sport watch, costs around $350.

There is no denying that only Apple fans will spend so much money on one of these watches, especially as there are other watches from LG and Motorola that cost twice as much and have all the features of the Apple Watch.

Some smart watches that cost less than $100 have better reviews and more features that other smartwatches that cost more than $300. Of course, there are many cheap smartwatches made by no-name brands that disappoint.

However, smartwatches made by reputable companies such as Motorola, LG, Samsung or Asus won’t disappoint you, even though they cost less than $100.

Expensive vs Cheap Smartwatches – What to Choose?

Probably the only reason to buy an expensive smart watch is to show off wearing a big branded product. The Sony Smartwatch, Neptune Pine, Apple Watch, HP Chronowing, Timex Ironman, Intel MICA or Garmin Fenix 3 are all extremely expensive smartwatches, being priced at between $300 and $500.

At the other side of the spectrum, you can find smartwatches with similar features that cost three to five times less, and are made by reputable manufacturers. For instance, the LG Electronics G Watch , Motorola Moto 360, Peeble Time and Asus ZenWatch 2 cost less than $150.

Both cheap and expensive smartwatches offer similar features.

Here is what you should expect to find in a smartwatch:

  • Modular Sensor Bay:

smartwatches are created to be highly modular sensor bays, which means they can measure your vital signs in order to determine if your health is in good condition, if the temperature outside is the right one for your health, if your child is around you, if there are any potential threats near you, and the list goes on.

A smartwatch acts like a personal assistant such as Siri or Amazon Echo, making sure you are protected and you get to enjoy life.

  • Charges Extremely Fast:

charging your smartwatch is a breeze. Just remove it before bedtime and set it gently on a charging plate. Every single smart watch, regardless of its price or brand, charges the same.

  • Biometric Authentication:

this is one of those advanced features that only expensive models have, but it is quite useless unless in certain circumstances. Some devices support voice-pattern recognition, which means only you or your best friend will be able to use the device. This feature is great if you want to keep your gadgets just to yourself.

  • Connects to your Smartphone:

every single smartwatch needs to connect to your smartphone in order to have access to all of its features. Once it is connected, you can use your new smartwatch to pause and play music, answer calls, change the phone settings, navigate on the map or even initiate calls. You can use all that without having to take your phone out of your pocket, which saves you a great deal of time.

  • Do Much More:

regardless of its price or brand, a good smartwatch enables you to stay in control of your daily activities and save precious time. A smartwatch can act as your wallet, music player, e-reader, social media platform and health partner.

This personal assistant that sits comfortably on your wrist offers you personalized fitness and health information and gives you critical data that should help you become more productive.

Smartwatches – The Gateway to the Future

Whether you choose to buy a smartwatch for less than $100 or for even $60, or you choose to invest in a premium product that costs up to $500, you can rest assured that smartwatches are the right option for you if you are looking for a whole new level of personalization, control, ease of use and comfort. There are plenty of types of smartwatches for everyone.

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