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Apple watch sport

The Apple Watch Sport has set a new a high bar for smartwatches, offering features and benefits that are in a league of their own. Coming with a fantastic display, a great futuristic design, long battery life and tons of useful apps for iOS users, the guys from this big corporation definitely had something unique in mind when designing the Apple Watch Sport.

This smartwatch is probably the most advanced at the moment, coming with extraordinary features that are definitely able to impress. Of course, this smartwatch comes with a hefty price tag, just like all other Apple products.

Apple Watch Sport Review – Technology

The Apple Watch Sport boasts an Apple S1 chip, 8 GB internal storage and a quick processor that does its job seamlessly. Boasting over 18 hours of battery life, large screen that boasts 326 ppi and a lot of apps and features, this smartwatch has been made to last long in time and to set the pace for a whole new generation of smartwatches.

Apple Watch Sport Design

The Apple Watch Sport is a gorgeous smartwatch, and probably one of the most beautiful clever watches in ever created so far. You can choose two versions: 38 mm and 42 mm. You can also choose from several colors, including blue, rose gold, black, white and silver.

The Apple Watch Sport is definitely able to help you make a fashion statement. People will definitely notice your new gadget and will look at you with surprise. The build quality of this smartwatch is superb, similar to what Samsung Gear S has to offer.

However, the Apple Watch looks much better than LG Electronics G , Pebble Time Steel or Motorola Moto 360 .

Apple Watch Sport Features

The Apple Watch is all about design and features. This is not just a mere watch like any other similar products available on the market, but it has a lot of useful features that make you fall in love with this product.

For starters, the usability offered by the Apple Watch Sport is incredible. This product can be used by both men and women, children and adults, businessmen and fitness enthusiasts. The Workout and Activity apps are just amazing for everyone who wants to stay in control of his fitness goals.

This smartwatch lets you connect to others in whole new ways. As an example, you can draw a picture or write down something on your watch and then send it as a message to a recipient. Of course, there are many other apps you can use. For instance, Maps is perfect for telling you exactly where you are, so you never get lost.

Apple Watch Sport Pros

  • Strong app support
  • A wide variety of personalization options
  • Exquisite design
  • Plenty of fitness tracking apps

Apple Watch Sport Cons

  • High price
  • Works only with iOS devices
  • Sluggish third-party apps

Only 18 hours of battery: Pebble Time has a battery that lasts up to 10 days. That is a huge difference between these two.

Are you willing to buy the new Apple Watch Sport 42mm watch?

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