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Smartwatches are the new trend of the decade. Now only tech savvies are talking about this new product, but people from all over the world and institutions are fueled by the media to give smart watches a try.

And there is nothing wrong about that. Smart watches are harmless and are quite beneficial for daily tasks.

What is a Smart Watch?

A smart watch is a small device, similar to a wristwatch, which has an LCD screen and gives you the ability to control many things. In essence, wearing a smart watch is like having a mini smartphone attached to your wrist.

The way smart watches work is simple. All you have to do is to connect this tiny device to your smartphone, either using Bluetooth pairing or using NFC chips. However, it is important to note that smartwatches are not the same with fitness trackers.

smart watches

A fitness tracker is specially designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts. On the other hand, a smart watch is designed for anybody who wants to make his life much easier and to stay in control of several aspects of his life.

Together with self balancing boards , smart watches have taken the market by surprise. These new gadgets are heavily marketed all around the world as a great addition to smart phones or even as a replacement in some cases.

Like with all bleeding-edge pieces of technology released on the market after 2010, smart watches are extremely beneficial for a certain group of people.

Should you Get a Smart Watch?

There is no doubt that smart watches will continue to be hot in 2017, as more and more companies decide to launch new models.

Models such as LG Electronics G Watch, Peeble Time, Apple Watch, Sony SmartWatch 3, Garmin Vivoactive or Samsung Gear S3 Frontier  are some of the best smart watches in 2017 . Of course, manufacturers won’t stop here, and 2017 will continue to be a very competitive year in this industry.

Not to mention that even more manufacturers might enter the game.

smart watches

You should get a smart watch in 2017 if:

– You want to be trendy and you want to surprise your friends by wearing a high-tech piece of equipment.
– You already wear a watch and you want to turn it into something more practical.
– You want quick notifications without wasting precious time taking your phone out of your pocket.
– You want a highly customizable and upgradable piece of equipment.
– You want to track your fitness goals.
– You want to control everything around you with just a tap of your wristwatch screen.

Main Features of SmartWatches

Smart watches are called like that because they are smart – some say that they are smarter than even smartphones. For instance, Android Wear smart watches can anticipate your needs using the highly personalized Google Now cards.

The Apple Watch, which works only with iOS, has a similar Glance feature that gives you a sneak peek into the past and lets you preview upcoming events, see the weather and track your upcoming fitness goals.

  • Highly customized:

you can change your smart watch appearance with ease. For instance, you can even walk with a dancing Mickey Mouse on your wrist, or with a gorgeous 3D picture with the sunset or the sea.

  • Navigation has never been easier:

instead of taking your smartphone out and losing sight of the road because you need to be careful when maneuvering that large 5” inch device, a smartwatch can literally tell you when to make the next turn without even having to look at it.

  • Listening to music has never been easier with a smartwatch.

The same is true when it comes to answering or rejecting calls.

  • Perfect control:

a smart watch enables you to enjoy an astounding level of control over the appliances and objects in your home. For instance, you can easily control the volume of your Sonos sound system with just a few taps of your smartwatch.

Moreover, you can turn the lights in the kitchen on and off and also capitalize on the Smart Home technology to control many other gadgets and appliances in your home.